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>That size would make the GW cells bacterial, or very very small algae. So GW cells are >photosynthetic bacteria? The cells I have seen are about 6-7, and too numerous not to be the >major contributor in GW. Perhaps GW can be of bacterial or Algal origin?

>- Seweryn

No, it would make them in the size range of bacteria. Green water is an eukaryotic Chlorophyta. Nothing bacterial, these have organlles , Chloroplast etc. There are smaller eukaryotic algae than this as well.

The cells I culture are roughly 2-3 days old. Yours maybe fat and healthy. 
They should also be very fast, try using mineral oil, or place a sample in the dark for 4 days/Chill them rapidly and look for 1/2 dead ones. 
Tom Barr 
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