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RE: [APD] Bolbitus bleach damage/ red river clay

Hi Sharon

It is so common for bolbitis heudelotii to have black be blackened when
received from anywhere anyplace. If black to start bolbitis heudelotii will
be black until it finds its spot to grow. Rest assured it will never die.
I gave away pieces that had rooted to Arizona volcanic rock. The lone piece
of rhizome left I tucked into a driftwood centerpiece just because. I
trimmed the shoots that grew horizontal just because I was pretty frustrated
with bolbitis. Today the bolbitis heudelotii grows green and leafy up and
out of it's driftwood and pearls consistently. It is quite amazing. This
experience is now three years.

The few rhizomes I have are fairly small (about 2-3 inches) and I did trim off the black leaves, a couple of the rhizomes are showing signs of new growth and a couple are turning brown :(
I had the lfs order plants for me a couple times but they are very poor quality and seem to have problems getting in the plant you ordered and paid for. I had them order java fern lace and they sent val which they tried to convience me was jfl. If you again trim your bolbitis I would love to have some. Even after having to cut what i have back to the rhizome it is as nice as what the lfs generally sells for plants. (sad but true)

Texas Oklahoma border ... what city?  Red river clay?  Where?  Me born and
raised in NE Kansas have only seen red river clay in parts of Georgia.


Grayson County Texas a few miles from the Red River and Dension Dam, home of the healthiest hair algae I have ever seen!


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