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Re: [APD] Plant Eating Algae Eaters

In my experience with 'true SAE', i.e. they are indentical to the 'type'
drawings (unlike the ones I often see in shops), they don't
seem to have any interest in the ambulia. Oher fish I have, for example
mollies, seem to nibble at the older ambulia growth but it seems to grow
like wildfire in my tank so that's not a problem for me as well.

The SAE seem to spend a lot of time on the leaves of the wysteria and amazon
sword but seem to do no harm.
They also spend a lot of time picking at the substrate. I do see some small
damage to the small anubia species I have but being a small plant it's quite

I also put algae biscuits down,. which they really like, so maybe that's why
they don't go so hard on the leaves. I'd assume you would keep your SAE a
little more hungry so they feed more on the algae so take my comments with a
grain of salt (sea salt that is :-), maybe if they are hungry they gobble
ambulia like nothing else.

Keep in mind they can apparently grow to 20cm I think (and mine are quite
fat) so they need a little
space but I do find they are are an excellent community fish and very
easygoing with the other fish. I really like their character.

- Rob, Sydney

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> Yes fine. No on others.  That's confusing? Anyway, for me,
> ambulia grew faster than the SAEs could eat it. Not so with
> Walichi.

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