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[APD] Flags vs. SAE

I have quite the infestation of hair algae all over my baby's tears in my 75 
gallon tank that I set up this weekend.? They were in pretty bad shape when 
I got them, but I didn't notice at the store.? Now the algae is spreading to 
the other plants, and I think I'm in need of some Algae eating fish.? My 
plant guru at my LFS swears by American Flag Fish, and trash talks the SAEs 
saying that they decimated one of his rotala sp (can't remember which)? I 
however have heard a lot more instances of AFF eating plants than SAEs.

What are the opinions of people here about AFF and SAEs as far as algae 
eaters, and as potential plant eaters.


I had some flag fish and they took care of all the hair algae before moving 
on to my entire dense glosso fore ground /:( Never Again!!
I have SAE and J.shrimp... things are dandy now :)

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