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Re: [APD] Re: co2 kit

Just so.  It's a matter of how much work or much dough you
want to put into it. There's bare essentials and then
there's the add-ons.

Scott H.
--- Clint Brearley <clint_brearley at telstra_com> wrote:
> S. Hieber wrote
> <snip>
> > You can stick a CO2 line in the aquarium if you want to
> > count bubbles -- so you can skip a bubble counter if
> you
> > want. 

> True, you don't need one, but they are very useful IMO
> for giving a rough indication of CO2 levels, once you've
> measured KH/pH/CO2 a number of times at given bubble
> rates in your system.

S. Hieber

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