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[APD] Re:Re: CO2 kit

>>The CO2 regulator/needle valve kit at Monolith Marine Monsters (M3)
cost much comparatively speaking.  It runs around $100 without a solenoid,
and around $140 with the solenoid.  The bottle will cost extra, so keep
that in mind.  You can see the kit at http://www.marine-monsters.com .  I
haven't used this system myself, but several folks on the list have it and
I don't recall ever hearing anything but positive feedback on the system or
the company.<<

You can also go with a Milwaukee regulator that includes a needle valve,
solenoid, bubblecounter, and check valve all for $99.00
Then you have some money left over to buy a good reactor, or even a ph
controller. Milwaukee ran a nice big ad in The Aquatic Gardner.

Robert Paul Hudson
Nano cube with 6500 K bulb

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