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Re: [APD] Re: co2 kit

Then you know that shipping costs can make a big diff with
heavy items like a CO2 tank.

You can really cheap regulators from harborfreight.com,
about $30 as I recall.  They have steel tanks but I think
you can get better deals on aluminum ones. I've used them
and they work jsut fine -- knob doesn't adjsut quite as
smoothly, but you don't change your regulator setting often
so who cares?

You can stick a CO2 line in the aquarium if you want to
count bubbles -- so you can skip a bubble counter if you
want. KH/pH/CO2 table is the only good way to measure CO2
levels anyhow. bubbles just indicate if something has
changed in the flow rate.

You can run your CO2 24-7 and it won't affect your pH more
than about 0.2 over between extremes so you can skip a
solenoid if you want. Tank, regulator and needle valve are
much haves. 

You can skip even more things if you do yeast CO2 but for
pressurized CO2 those are the critical parts (plus, of
course, any fittings to join them together) ;-)

Good luck,
Scott H.

--- wandy <unclemilton at earthlink_net> wrote:
> Thanks for the replies.  What is the critical piece in
> the co2 chain?  Is
> one thing more important? I have seen a huge range of
> prices and many
> different approaches.  I know I can get the tank in NYC
> but will I do any
> better mail order? I am web savvy so hunting around the
> internet isn't a
> problem. 
> I will probably buy my plants on the internet somewhere
> when the time comes
> (soon I hope) as my LFS does not give me much confidence
> or customer
> service. My sense is they do not want to give me the time
> as I do not know a
> lot.
> Thanks again for all the replies.
> David
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