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[APD] Re: co2 kit - beginner question

I was requested to give some info about my tank and equipment.

I am about to setup a 30g planted aquarium. This will be my first tank in
about 25 years.  I have an eheim 2213 filter, fluorite gravel.  I have some
driftwood that i boiled for a day and some shale rocks. I have a single
coralife 96w light.

I know the benefits of co2 in a planted tank and have been reading as much
as i can but have no hands on experience.  I was considering a diy yeast but
i live in a small NYC apartment and do not want the smell lingering.  So
pressurized co2 for me.  Can anyone suggest a way to go on this that won't
break the bank? 

Many thanks! 


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