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[APD] CO2 accident

Learn how not to set up a pressurized CO2 system from me.  Last night I upgraded my CO2 from a DIY yeast sytem to a pressurized CO2 cylinder.  I set the system up at approximately 15 bubbles/min using a low regulator setting and a needle valve.  I woke up this morning to a fish massacre.  Over night the bubble rate increased until there was a continuous flow of CO2.  I'm not sure why this happened but I suspect it was because I did not allow the cylinder to warm to room temperature before setting the flow rate.  When I picked up the cylinder from a welding supply store it had been stored outside at around 50 deg. F.  I plan to reset the flow rate later after the CO2 level drops.  Currently at 140 ppm and Ph was to low to measure.  Be careful and keep an eye on a new set up.

John D. Thompson
jdt70 at earthlink_net
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