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Re: [APD] Tropica Mastergrow

If besides age, the container has been open or exposed to
UV, then I think the issue, and I think the only issue, is
that the iron chelate might have broken down and the iron
turned. If you're in a rush to get more iron to your
plants, use an iron supplement with it. But I wouldn't toss
the TMG -- the iron in the TMG is still going into the tank
and the rest of the goodies are still, well, good.

Scott H.

--- AZ Burns <aerburns at hotmail_com> wrote:
> I have a 3/4 full bottle of tropica mastergrow that I
> just found amongst all 
> my extra aquarium products.  It is about 2 years old. 
> Can I still use this 
> and get good results, or does this stuff have an
> expiration date?

S. Hieber

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