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Re: [APD] Re: CO2 kit

All is not lost if the date is past. Tanks need to be
tested every 5 years under DOT regs. If the date on a CO2
tank is past that, the CO2 station is not supposed to fill
it. But you can get the tank retested and it's good for
another 5 years, then needs to be retested, and so on. 

The test costs about $15 where I live (much cheaper than a
new tank), but prices vary from placed to place, region to

Of course, if someone sells you a tank that won't pass the
test, it's worthless. An small advantage to a new tank is
that you know it hasn't been used since it was tested. 

Scott H.
--- Chuck H <grendel at usit_net> wrote:
> . . .PS: If you decide to buy a used bottle, be sure the
> hydrotest date is 
> current -- it should be stamped on or near the shoulder
> of the bottle.  An 
> expired bottle is useless because it can't legally be
> filled.

S. Hieber

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