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[APD] RE: Amano is no Martha


LOL, I don't believe you are a "Martha as well!"  hehe  His tanks AND more
importantly his PHOTOS of his tanks ARE a work of art. I must agree with you
that it seems his major thrusts are his photography skills! I'm sure he is
VERY busy, and I was just thinking out loud when I wrote this. I've learned
a great deal from him early on and continue to learn from all here as well.
Your points are well taken.  Take care,

Vic Di Cosola


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Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2003 10:18:51 -0800 (PST)
From: Thomas Barr <tcbiii at yahoo_com>
Subject: [APD] Amano is no Martha
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"Hello all,

Saw in a previous post where someone mentioned Amano does NOT maintain his
tanks, JUST aquascapes them.  Hmmm, so I guess his staff is the one who does
all the leg-work nowadays.  I guess it does not surprise me though.  It
seems everyone who becomes VERY popular, PLUS very lucrative in his/her own
field does not have time for such things as "details."  I guess his staff
must tell him what products he endorses work or don't, he just makes the
decision based on their assumptions as well? Hmmm...

Vic Di Cosola"

<<<Don't bet on it. He had to do his own work to get to that level.
You have to get dirty sometime.He is likely not too attached to a particular
tank and doesn't mind rearranging as tank later after getting a good
picture. He puts a lot of effort into each tank. He might have
friends/workers etc to help, but he's got to be a busy bee no matter what
you may think. Just the Photo shoots alone would take up a lot of time. The
image is art in itself.

I believe this is what really motivates him(the photo).

The tanks are viable and some are more mainteance than others, but they seem
to work over the long term from what I know about keeping plants over the

Given a choice, that's what I'd like to do and that's what I do as far as
mainteance(no monthly visits, just do the initial set up). I am no Martha
Stewart:) Neither is Amano, not even close.

Tom Barr>>>

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