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[APD] Amano is no Martha

"Hello all,

Saw in a previous post where someone mentioned Amano does NOT maintain his
tanks, JUST aquascapes them.  Hmmm, so I guess his staff is the one who does
all the leg-work nowadays.  I guess it does not surprise me though.  It
seems everyone who becomes VERY popular, PLUS very lucrative in his/her own
field does not have time for such things as "details."  I guess his staff
must tell him what products he endorses work or don't, he just makes the
decision based on their assumptions as well? Hmmm...

Vic Di Cosola"
Don't bet on it. He had to do his own work to get to that level.
You have to get dirty sometime.He is likely not too attached to a particular tank and doesn't mind rearranging as tank later after getting a good picture. He puts a lot of effort into each tank. He might have friends/workers etc to help, but he's got to be a busy bee no matter what you may think. Just the Photo shoots alone would take up a lot of time. The image is art in itself. 
I believe this is what really motivates him(the photo).  
The tanks are viable and some are more mainteance than others, but they seem to work over the long term from what I know about keeping plants over the years.
Given a choice, that's what I'd like to do and that's what I do as far as mainteance(no monthly visits, just do the initial set up). I am no Martha Stewart:) Neither is Amano, not even close. 
Tom Barr 


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