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Re: [APD] Light intensity and internodal length

Scott wrote:
> You can't do better than the AHS reflectors but AHS
> basically sells kits and not individual parts.

Scott, Kim will cut out anything from a kit and sell it individually. He has
for me in the past, unless that has
changed. I had a bunch of switches and told him I didn't
need the ones in the kits and he deducted that from the
price of the kits. I've bought reflectors, too, individually.
And, as others have posted, these reflectors have no peer.
I was using homemade aluminum reflectors made from a
roll of aluminum flashing (your basic C-shaped reflector)
and switching those out for the Miro reflector (thanks, Wright, you were so
right) the difference is demonstrable
in the amount of light produced in the tank.


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