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[APD] Re: CO2 mand Marine Tanks

I have run the CO2 in the intake of a canister that is chuck full of 
aragonite, but haven't detected any measurable changes in Ca or alkalinity. Possible 
the coral are taking it up as fast as it is produced? I do know it helps the 
plants, I actually see them pearling. I have yet to hear of the method with the 

And yes, I am a big advocate in large water changes with my salt tank. I DO 
NOT run a skimmer or use any other types of chemical filtration on the system. 
It just doesn't make sense to me  to do so. Perhaps a spin off from my FW 
plant tank background. It just seems to be BASIC aquarium husbandry.

And I actually do not glue my fish to rocks  :)


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