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[APD] fertilizing in marine planted tanks?

whereas im not willing to start dosing co2 in the marine tank or test the ph regularly (if at all ;-)P
i would be interested to know if you, Tom, or anyone else is dosing Iron??
I beleive u may have mentioned that before??
I have had trouble /w snails enjoying the red varities of macros.. two diff in particular have been chewed down and kept low from grazing ..
i've reduced # of snails/hermits to try to compensate, but these haven't seemed to grown as quickly as the green/brown varities to beat compeitition
what are ur thoughts on a particular supplement regimen
i typically use Seachem Reef Calcium (and some various Kh powder) along w/ either Trace or Reef Plus to get added strontium/magnesium/etc.. for soft coral growth and plant supplementation

My circumstances may be more complicated since im trying to balance plant and coral growth too.



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