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[APD] Re: Marine Planted Tank


I too have had about a 2 year interest with marine plants, and have been 
following this thread with great interest. I set up a 55 gallon about 2 years ago 
with the full intention of it being a fully marine planted tank. It became 
very apparent that this wasn't going to work entirely. What prohibited it was 
first, availability of plants, and secondly, cost. I got tired of looking at bare 
rocks, so of course I purchased some things that were available. That's when 
the coral bug hit me, so my marine planted tank slowly evolved into a reef 
tank with a few plants (11 different species of plants). Tom Barr's tank is of 
course awesome, we wouldn't expect anything less from him. But he has the good 
fortune of being able to go out collect his own. The Marine plant fest sounds 
like a very interesting trip to say the least, but being from the Northeast, it 
still becomes an expensive endeavor.

I have traded Marine plants with a few people, even 1 or 2 from this list. 
Others I have picked up here and there from e-bay and the like. Forget about 
getting any form my LFS.I have also found a few web based "reef" sites that offer 
macroalgae but the cost is horrific.  Some species have been tuff to even 
keep alive, never mind propagated them. I have found that CO2 additions greatly 
improves plant growth. There is little to no information out there on how to go 
about doing this kind of setup, therefore, I agree that a Marine plants 
digest type of thing fits the bill. I think you will find this type of tank seen 
more often in the future.

Just my 2 cents.

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