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[APD] Re: WPG rule

"Have you or George/Karla ever tried a smaller tank? 

John Wheeler"

I have and find there WPG rule works at 4 gal and at 10 gal range. The 10 gal was with NO FL's and cheesy reflectors. The 4's(2 of them actually) do well with a 7 w PC light.

Conversely, at high tank volumes also, have you done a 400 gallon tank?:-) 8x96 w at 36" depth lit the tank very well.  

So I think those are some rather outside the "normal" range of tank sizes many have or ever will have and the WPG rule works there so I don't see the issue with the WPG rule.

Light "spread" with certain light set ups will not yield nice growth throughout the tank, but that is NOT an issue of enough watts.

For 10 gals, I usually go with 30w if, I know it has CO2 but I can get the tasnk to do without CO2 as well. The size of the 15w light and the cost really make the choice easy, but if I have a nice reflector on the 10 gal, a 15w single will do. I also like to mix colors so there are other considerations such as cost, reflectors, color preferences etc.

I still say George is right.

I have not heard anything close to showing that the WPG rule is wrong nor the light issues on small/large tanks.
Maybe I just keep getting lucky or something. Magic tap water.
I have to bottle that stuff and get it out to market, "no lights needed, just add 1/2 bottle a week, produces light rays from liquid crystal lattices in the solution. As seen on NASA, also cures Scurvey."   
Tom Barr

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