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[APD] call for "votes" for creating a marine plant tank mailing list

If you'd like to subscribe to a marine plant tank discussion mailing
list, please send me (and only me) an quick email.  If I get enough
responses, I'll create the list.  (If you have an opinion about the
definition of "enough response", let me know! =:)

That said, here's my $0.2 about the recent discussion of SW plan

I'm really not comfortable with posting stupid SW plant questions
like "where on the web can I buy SW plants?" on this ML.  I just
don't think enough of this ML's recipients are interested in
the topic.

I'm quite happy with my (tropical) plant tanks, so I lurk in
this mailing list and very, _very_ quickly skim it's traffic.
Picking out the SW plant discussion here on APD is, well, a hassle.

The ReefCentral Macro Algae forum looks very interesting but I'm
just not interested in participating in a web forum.  Email is far
more convenient.

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