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[APD] Re: marine plant tank discussion ml?

RPH is afraid that SW is a different and alien world to all of us on APD.

My personal view is that I did SW only for >12 years, got bored and declined
to go high tech for reef keeping, so moved back to FW and planted tanks.  SW
per se holds no mystery for me, and I suspect that many folk on this list
have more than a nodding acquaintance with that subset of aquarium keeping.

As for cost, has anyone priced out a high tech planted tank with
controllers, automatic dosing pumps, cables and that entire ilk of late?
Not much different from a reef, and significantly more expensive than SW FO.
Details of the chemistry do vary, but the principles are the same.  Just as
the situation was a few decades ago in FW, everybody could do swords, Val,
some crypts, a number of stems.  Now there are many more demanding plants in
common culture and propagation.  I would see no issue with anyone capable of
operating a high-light, high supplement tanks performing similarly well on a
marine macro algae tank, and, after the pioneers such as Tom Barr have
developed a few guidelines for us all, with not much steeper a learning
curve.  I would actually guess the learning curve would less difficult due
to pre-existing experience w/FW planted tanks.

Robert Ricketts

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