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Re: [APD] Re:Re: marine plant tank discussion ml?

> I think Toms pictures are beautiful, and intriguing,
> but the problem is that
> it is part of an entirely different hobby requiring
> a whole new knowledge
> base and area of expertise. Salt water is a whole
> different world.


> And while
> Tom may find it easy and cheap to collect the wild
> specimans, the cost of
> setting up a marine enviornment is huge. This is why
> most likely freshwater
> plant dealers like myself would not sell marine
> algae and plants. The cost
> of setting up marine tanks just to stock and
> maintain the stock would be a
> huge investment, not to mention having to learn a
> whole new hobby just to
> maintain them.

Not so. I'm propagating a bunch of them in a 10 gallon
tank with one powerhead to recirculate the water. I
have one clownfish in there and feed it marine flakes.
The bottom of the tank is coral sand. I have a
flourescent fixture shoplight (standard 40watt NO
lighting)sitting above the tank. Thats it! Marine
plants may be the easiest things of all to keep, you
dont need to know anything about fish or coral really.
I dont measure ph, alk, calc, anything really. they
just grow. im sure i could boost it if i tried but
they grow fairly well on their own.

> I would think Tom would get a huge response from
> posting his information on
> marine forums instead of freshwater. I already know
> of one marine club that
> wants Tom as a speaker.

Yes, MASLAC. I'm a member =) I'd get to see him in
person. *evil grin* I posted his message to our mailinglist.
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