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[APD] RE: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 4, Issue 10


I did keep my substrate, water AND filter media. So this is very strange to
me having this type of bacteria.  Could it have been the LARGE amounts of
water changes I performed a few weeks before the plants came in? (Four in
all, 50% or better)  I had hundreds of tiny snails that accumulated over the
years and I had to add snailacide.  That was the reason for the big water
changes over many weeks.  Had to be sure all the snailacide was completely
gone.  I also did two filter (Fluval 303) cleanings as well, rinsing off the
sponges and bio balls with cool running water. I let the tank sit 2 full
weeks before adding plants and LOTS of them!  :)  Scott mentioned in another
post, maybe I am seeing the effects of "Tank-Cycling" with all the
maintenance including the huge water changes I made.  I did not like the
words "doomed" he used though! hehe  I'll hold off on the UV for a bit and
keep feeding the plants with Co2, nutrients, and water changes.

Speaking if UV lighting...Since the UV actually kills off the micro
bacteria, what adverse effects (if any) does UV have on plants?? (Kill of
any good micro bacteria??)  I never had to use any type of UV lighting
before so sorry for the naiveness.  The one I will have shortly hooks into
my out-take tube of my Fluval. It's basically looks like another canister
filter with a built in light.

My BIG question is.....What will 50% water changes do every other day to
help clear this bacteria up?  If I keep feeding my plants the nutrients they
need, is too many water changes a bad thing because of nutrient build up??
Too much of a good thing??

Thanks again Dave (and Scott), I look forward to further advice and insight
on these issues from others as well!

Victor Di Cosola


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Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2003 15:48:14 -0600
From: "LeDeaux, David" <David_LeDeaux at Tripointglobal.com>
Subject: RE: [APD] RE: Algae Bloom?? PLEASE READ! Thanks!!
To: "'aquatic plants digest'" <aquatic-plants at actwin_com>

<<Vic, did you break down your tank when you restarted it?  New substrate,
filter material, etc?  I know you said this was an 8 year old tank, but I
thought you kept the substrate and water.  It seems like the new tank
syndrome would be minimal if you  basically just put it back into gear after
it had been sitting in neutral for a while.  I can see a bacterial bloom if
you had it all broken down and started over of course.

Regarding the possibility of algae bloom, I have seen algae that appeared to
be white until you looked very closely.  In the past I have had surface scum
build up at the top of my tank which was milky white.  One day while doing
some maintanence, I literally scooped it out with my hand.  It was that
thick.  When I got to looking at it, I saw that it actually had a very
slight green tinge to it.  I just couldn't see it until I got a bunch

I haven't had an algae bloom either (knock on driftwood) but I have read
that many of them do start out white and go to green at a later stage.

Don't know if this sheds any new light on your situation or not.>>

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