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[APD] Re:Re: marine plant tank discussion ml?

>>I think discussing salt water plant propagation is a suitable subject for
this list.  Erik had mentioned a few days ago that salt water aquariums were
not allowed in the AGA contest, but that is because the intent of the
contest is to promote the use of, and advance the state of the art of
planted aquaria.  The usual marine aquarium does not contain plants.<<

I think Toms pictures are beautiful, and intriguing, but the problem is that
it is part of an entirely different hobby requiring a whole new knowledge
base and area of expertise. Salt water is a whole different world. And while
Tom may find it easy and cheap to collect the wild specimans, the cost of
setting up a marine enviornment is huge. This is why most likely freshwater
plant dealers like myself would not sell marine algae and plants. The cost
of setting up marine tanks just to stock and maintain the stock would be a
huge investment, not to mention having to learn a whole new hobby just to
maintain them.

I would think Tom would get a huge response from posting his information on
marine forums instead of freshwater. I already know of one marine club that
wants Tom as a speaker. These people already have the knowledge, the
equipment, and are often more willing to spend large amounts of money to
maintain their hobby. Would freshwater people be so willing to migrate over
to saltwater just for the sake of plants and be willing to learn a whole new
knowledge base and fork out the money?  Does the APD and AGA want to take on
that crossover? Should they?  I think its an interesting question and I will
be curious to see what develops. Personaly I think forums and organizations
are better off sticking to what they know best., other wise ones expertise
gets spread to thin and becomes to generalized.

Robert Paul Hudson

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