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Re: [APD] RE: marine planted tank

It depends on where and how the live rock is collected.  Much of the Fiji
rock came out of a harbor that the government was trying to clear out.
Unlike many other locations, most of what would otherwise have been wasted
went into aquariums.  The vast majority of reef-related destruction come
from pollution like industrial waste, runoff, and other things like that.
There is, however, a definite collection impact in some areas, such as those
where cardinal fish are collected.  Notable drops in populations have been
seen, which is stupid, given the ease of breeding them.  On a good note,
there was recently some research released about a new sort of rotifer that
has been propagated that may be able to the used to feed larvae.  Angels and
some other previously impossible to breed species were recently raised using
them, which is promising.

Justin Collins

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> Hmmm. I thought it was collecting all the live rock and
> substrate that was doing a number on coral reefs -- not to
> mention all the things that aren't hobby related, like
> sewage, etc.
> Scott H.
> --- Christopher Hind <cixcell at yahoo_com> wrote:
> > whoa, invertibrate based tanks are highly destructive?
> > i know TONS of people who propagate their own coral
> > and swap frags. its cheaper AND the coral usually
> > fares better because its had a few generations living
> > under various tank conditions. i do agree with you in
> > saying though that the marine aquarium hobby is
> > destructive to fish populations which are much harder
> > to reproduce in captivity minus notable exceptions
> > (clownfish)
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