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RE: [APD] Re: glowfish banned

*David smacks his forehead*  Didn't anyone learn anything by watching
Jurassic Park???  NATURE WILL FIND A WAY.  All of the Dinosaurs were female,
but nature found a way!! :)

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This article doesn't say it, but it was my understanding that the 'makers' 
of these fish sterilized all the fish before allowing them out of their
facility, making the argument about these fish inbreeding with local
populations obsolete.  Was it only the original Singapore maker that was
sterilizing the fish, and not the US people?  I can understand concerns if
the fish could breed with local fish; I have no problem with the genetic
engineering aspect, just that the inbreeding could change the existing
populations as any addition of a new, non-native fish could.


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