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[APD] RE: marine planted tank

Hmmm. I thought it was collecting all the live rock and
substrate that was doing a number on coral reefs -- not to
mention all the things that aren't hobby related, like
sewage, etc.

Some of the ways the fish are caught isn't very friendly (cyanide stuns, stuff like that). The best marine places I know of make a *big* effort to propagate all their own corals through cuttings and are very proud to be able to say that (http://www.tropicorium.com is a good example, and their stuff is *excellent*). It's not difficult to take "dead rock" and turn it into "live rock" by just putting a bunch of the regular lava rock in a tub with a bit of live rock to "seed" the culture.

BTW, I read somewhere years back that one square mile of seafloor/reef area would be enough to sustain the marine aquarium hobby *forever*. Remember that if you don't take all of it, or destroy what's there, coral will grow back. Matching the taking to the growing results in a sustainable farm-type operation something like taking plant cuttings from our planted tanks periodically.


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