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Re: [APD] Re: How much light? -- or - reflections on bright replies

Hi George,
--- gbooth at frii_com wrote:
> S. Hieber opines:
> >I don't think the wpg depends on the tank volume -- tank
> > height yes, to some extent, but not volume.
> Well, I would have to disagree. The "g" part of wpg is
> actually a volume.

I didn't mean that the number of watts doesn't depend on
tank volume, but that the rate per gallon doesn't.  

> A rule of thumb like wpg would be difficult to apply to
> tank height. As in
> "How many gallons are there if the tank is 22" high?"

Well, if you you get over, say, about 18" or so, even 2-3
watts can be inadequate for some of the foreground stuff
that's so far away from the bulb. So with tall tanks you
might want to use more wpg than with shorter tanks. That's
all I meant. Maybe that goes without saying.

> S. Hieber suggests:
> >Rules of thumb only:
> >up to 1.5-2 = low; 2 moderate; 3-4 high; above 4
> specialty
> Not all thumbs are created equal. My thumb sez:
> below 1.5 wpg = low;
> 1.5 to 2.5 wpg = as much as you will ever need;
> 2.5 to 3.5 wpg = inappropriately high;
> above 3.5 wpg = extreme, unless you are growing banned
> botanicals around
> the base of your tank
> Of course, this is for fluorescent bulbs that don't suck.
> If you insist on
> using sucky fluorescnt bulbs, I would go with Scott's
> thumb.

Your thumb is greener than mine. I don't deny it. But I
would say that high levels like 3 or 4 wpg aren't 
"inapproriate," they just make for racier tanks, to borrow
on Tom's metaphor about race cars. Some people pull off
great tanks with way more light than I'd ever think of
putting on an aquarium. I don't find 3-4 wpg (with high
quality lamps, ballasts, and reflectors like AHS Bright
Kits troublesome), but over 4wpg and the tank's just too
much work and too unforgiving for my young gardening

Scott H.

S. Hieber

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