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Re: [APD] Re: Airing private emails

> Christopher, please __do not__ air private emails
> exchanges here. Airing private emails you will make
> no friends on this or any other list or forum on the
> web. It's a great way to really piss someone off and
> it's unethical without premission from the sender. A
> mistake with emailing is one thing, but this is
> certainly no mistake. 

I know netiquette, I've been on the internet far
longer than you i imagine and remember endless
september on usenet in 1993. On the otherhand, I spit
on academic snobbery, unfriendly people and PEOPLE WHO
ARE CONDESCENDING. I rarely RARELY if ever get into
flame wars. To tell you the truth I dont think i've
had a strongly worded disagreement over email since
the mid 90s. All I'm asking you to do is be

> If you are having email issues, don't _assume_ that
> I am not friendly because I ask you _privately_, NOT
> publicly, (unlike you here) to not cc me. I do not
> want to reply to you personally in my already
> cluttered mail box and then reply here on the APD as
> well, what part of that do you not get?

I love your tone, it seems you are so put out about
one lousy email.

>  This is why I get the digest, not one email at a
> time. I'd get 20+ emails a day otherwise from this
> list alone.
> If I want to respond I will. I would also rather
> explain ideas about aquatic plants to everyone on
> the APD as many may gain something from the
> exchanges.

I'm on like, 5 different lists. I have them auto
sorted by folder.

> It waste my time and I DID ASK you __nicely__ (see
> the "please" and "Thank you" part, rather than just
> "regards"). It's also unfair to assume I am
> unfriendly in any way, you do not know anything
> about me.
> Cc-ing me is an honest mistake, but calling me
> unfriendly and the airing of private emails in
> public is no mistake. 
> Poo poo someone else.

What ticked me off is it just had an aire of arrogance
which I am known to respond negatively to. Perhaps it
has something to do with how emotions rarely get
portrayed accurately over email.
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