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[APD] Re: Airing private emails

>> Is Tom Barr god?

>doubt it. he doesnt seem very friendly either.

"Please do not cc me, ask either personally or the
APD, not both.

Thank you,
Tom Barr"

>for some strange reason when i hit reply to a message
>i receive from APD it puts both the mailinglist
>address and the person you're replying to in the To:

Christopher, please __do not__ air private emails exchanges here. Airing private emails you will make no friends on this or any other list or forum on the web. It's a great way to really piss someone off and it's unethical without premission from the sender. A mistake with emailing is one thing, but this is certainly no mistake. 

If you are having email issues, don't _assume_ that I am not friendly because I ask you _privately_, NOT publicly, (unlike you here) to not cc me. I do not want to reply to you personally in my already cluttered mail box and then reply here on the APD as well, what part of that do you not get?

 This is why I get the digest, not one email at a time. I'd get 20+ emails a day otherwise from this list alone.
If I want to respond I will. I would also rather explain ideas about aquatic plants to everyone on the APD as many may gain something from the exchanges.

It waste my time and I DID ASK you __nicely__ (see the "please" and "Thank you" part, rather than just "regards"). It's also unfair to assume I am unfriendly in any way, you do not know anything about me.

Cc-ing me is an honest mistake, but calling me unfriendly and the airing of private emails in public is no mistake. 
Poo poo someone else.

Tom Barr

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