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[APD] Re:Marine Planted Aquaria/(macro)Algae Fest

Tom Barr wrote:
I will have a Marine plant Fest in conjunction with the FW plant
fest likely in June, so if you want to collect these plants,
this will be about the only way to get these plants, which often
cost more than FW plants...........


Well, count me in . . . after all, this is my neighborhood anyway...

Barr, once again you are about three to five years ahead of everyone else. 
This is a perfectly acceptable genre IMHO, because if this is not Aquatic 
Gardening - just what is it?

Oh yeah! I can suddenly see some fabulous possibilities -- let's take the 
underutilized paludarium category in the AGA contest, for instance... 

Imagine all this below gradually creeping up to an oyster bar overhang and 
then to sun-bleached rubble (for contrast) leading to a mangrove/buttonwood land 
area. Crabs, spiny lobster and maybe an octopus for fauna...


Bob Olesen -- Sofla
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