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[APD] RE: Semi Cloudy Water (Hazy)?

Hello all,

My tank (8 year old substrate) was set up two weeks ago with much broken in
filter media, etc.  I HEAVILY planted my tank (55g tall, 36 x 15 x 24h")
with Glosso's, Vals and Zephyranthes Candida's. and I do mean HEAVY! :) I
had sparkling clear water before the plants arrived. PH of 6.8 (8.2 tap),
Co2 automated injection with my American Marine pH controller.  I use the
uptake of my canister filter to bring up the Co2 and the out-take to
disperse.  I leave my Co2 and controller running throughout the night
because of the buffer pH swings of my water.(KH of 6 and a GH of 3.) I added
15 Japanese Marsh Shrimp and 15 Red Cherry shrimp during the first week.  At
the end of the first week, I noticed the water hazing up, kinda a white
smoky haze after the 4th of 5th day.  After 7 days, I performed a 50% water
change, the water was clear again (almost anyway) and now by the 4th day
again, I'm seeing this white haze. It's really noticeable when lights are
off when viewing the tank from the side.  When lights on, it's also mostly
seen from the side.  This week I have added 15 Cardinal Tetra's.

My water quality is perfect from what I see in regards to nitrites, ammonia,
etc.  I'm waiting or my LaMotte Fe test kit to arrive and do not know my
iron levels as yet. My plants (especially the Glosso's are doing remarkably
well) They better be with 278 watts of light penetrating 23" or so.  2x 96w
and 1 96w Coralife 6700k lighting fixtures. I will cut back the lighting in
time when I see the Glosso are fully grown in. I think I can get by with
just the two 96w.

It has been MANY years since I have set this tank up with a HEAVY plant
load, but I do remember that by planting heavy, there is always some haze
associated with these heavily planted tanks.  I know I could add some active
car. to the media tray in my Fluval 303 to clear up the water if need be.  I
also read here sometime back, if there is a Potassium issue, some were
seeing this haze or some other lack of nutrients??  I have waited on the
adding of any Kent Freshwater Plant supplements until the LaMotte arrives
(in a few days) so an overdosing issue is not an issue here.  With my 50%
water changes, low fish count/feeding I also do not believe I'm having an
over nutrient issue as well?

Any help on what I'm seeing in the hazy water department would be great!!
The plants seem to be doing well thus far, so I'm just being a bit
cautious!!  Thanks


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