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[APD] Marine Plants Rock

I am fascinated by this!!!  And I wish to give it a try with a new tank
sometime next year.  Do you have any publications or notes on how to begin
this process concerning tanks, filters, lighting, etc?  I've just recently
moved to the Tampa-St.Pete area so I'm not real far away from the Key Largo
area (a long drive but can be done in a day).  I really want to give this a


From: Thomas  Barr <tcbiii at earthlink_net>
Subject: [APD] Marine algae balls and turfs


There is a Chaetomopha ball about baseball size in the tank I found recently
in about 3 meters of water. There were thousands of them being "rolled" by
the surf above.

You can see how these balls are formed(the same as the FW algae balls) but
without going to Japan.

Cladophoropsis makes nice low lying turf like Riccia somewhat and Batophora
can make nice accents(but is pesky due to being such a weed).

The Caulerpa's in this tank are the more uncommon ones.

George B. likes Red plants huh?
Plenty of nice reds to choose from here.

I may add some blood and/or clown shrimp(compare these to amano and
Cherry/Crystal Shrimps and I think the fish in Marine systems are impossible
to beat.

Tom Barr

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