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RE: [APD] Nutrient Problems

>Lighting:  3 x 55 W CF from AHS
Wow!  I really feel like my 29 is overlit with 2 55 W AHS CFs

>Nitrates:  1 ppm
Get those up.  Shoot for 5ppm

>I made the PMDD and supplimented it with some tetra florapride to
>make up the micros.  I hesitated to add too much florapride
>(0-0-3) because I didn't want to cause a potassium excess.  I have
>been dosing at 5 drops per day of Conlin's newest formula (found
>on theKrib.com) for about a month now.
Throw this formula out the window.  In a tank like that you need to rewrite
it a bit.  I followed that formula for a while using 6 drops which was
roughly half a milliliter.  Even with just 110 watts it was insufficient.  I
am now dosing 3 ml daily to keep my nitrates up where I need them.  As soon
as my mixed stock runs out I am moving to dry dosing many of my nutrients.
I am also dosing half a cap of Flora Pride at every water change for the
extra iron.

Don't be afraid of excess potassium.  It can be in the 20ppm range safely.
In fact IIRC there is no harmful side effect from having too much potassium.

>I have ordered a CO2 reactor and expect it in early this week.
Good deal.  You don't realize how much CO2 you are probably wasting with the
bubble bath you get from your filter.  I went from using 2 bubbles a second
through the filter to more like 1 bubble every 2 seconds using a reactor.

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