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[APD] Re: PH and CO2 Questions

pH down - don't use it. Adding another acid to the aquarium will have no effect on the amount of CO2. The only thing you can do to help is add more CO2 and ensure that it dissolves efficiently using a good reactor.

How big is your tank? Your DIY CO2 seems to be making little difference to the pH level. At a KH of around 4, you really want your pH down around 6.6-6.8 (20-30ppm CO2) and to achieve that you'll either need a bigger CO2 generator (or more smaller ones) or even better, a compressed CO2 system.

Clint Brearley
Melbourne, Australia

> I am going to try the "Barr Method" and have all the nutrients in 
> place. 
> Howerver, my CO2 (DIY) appears to be my limiting factor.
> GH = 110 mg/l
> KH =  70 mg/l
> PH = 7.4-7.5  (City water analysis - test kit also measures 7.4)
> Using PH and KH chart my CO2 is approx. 5ppm. From the charts I 
> would 
> have to get a PH of 7.0 to get 12ppm.
> I have some PH Down by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals.
> 1. Is there any problems using this product?
> 2. If I  lower the PH to 7.0, (is this low enough), will it stay 
> around 
> 7.0 until the next water change or will it vary up or down (other 
> than 
> the morning and evening readings)?
> 3. With a 50% weekly water change using PH 7.4 tap water, will the 
> resulting tank PH be 7.2 requiring only a 0.2 PH adjustment to get 
> back 
> to 7.0?
> Thanks for your advice.
> Dale

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