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[APD] Re: Non-Glass, ISFET sensor miniLab pH meter, ISFET pH Probe

I have used the IQ125 for several years now and have been extremely happy with it. Below is what I wrote last Spring.


Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2003 12:48:28 -0500
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From: Ken Simolo <Simolo at chem_chem.rochester.edu>
Subject: Re: PH meters


I wrote the following 2 years ago and it still holds true. I am still using the same meter/electrode after 4 years.


"I would recommend the silicon chip sensor pH meters. They can be stored dry and the electrodes are good for 10,000 - 20,000 readings. Most of the standard gel pH electrodes (the kind found in most of the small hand-held pH meters) last for 6 months to 1 year and then you have to replace the whole meter. The best price/performance that I have seen are at www.phmeters.com - I have now used one of their's for 18 months with no problems. They came highly recommended by a salesman who only carries standard hand held pH meters so he was actually losing business by recommending them! The electrode is stored dry which is a very nice feature. For measurements, all you need is 1 - 2 drops of liquid. The extra $25 to get the model 125 (if I remember correctly) is worth it because you get 3 point calibration capability among other things. During the last 18 months, my meter has drifted by only 0.1 pH units. The only negative is their cost but they pay for themselves in just 10 - 15 months as compared to gel electrodes."

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Has any used or tasted this pH pin?
miniLabTM pH Series IQ120 & IQ125 Professional




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Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2003 07:48:56 -0500
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Subject: [APD] ISFET pH Probe
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Has anyone tried one of these? Is it as trouble free as their site claims?


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