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[APD] Re:Aquarium Test Kits

I like the LaMotte potassium kit. It has enough ingredients to last practically for ever. The positive test for potassium is a cloudy white precipitate, and the kit has a method of measuring the amount of potassium by lowering a black spot into the precipitate and measuring the distance at which it disappears. However, I never bother with that. If there is a white precipitate, the plants have enough potassium. If there is no cloudiness, or just a little, then it is time to add more. The plants can lower the potassium level down to where there is no cloudiness. For me, it is a good, quick test. It says to use distilled water to dilute your sample, but I find that rainwater is fine. The only requirement is that the diluting water has no measurable potassium, and my rainwater satisfies that criterion. I find that if the plants run the potassium down to unmeasurable levels, the fish soon develop white patches on their skin. If potassium is not added quickly, I can have 50% or more of my fish die.
Paul Krombholz in sunny central Mississippi
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