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Re: [APD] Aquarium Test Kits

Skip the Iron, at the levels we're talking about most kits
aren't worth poop.  IF you're dosing traces as needed, you
probably have enough iron, anyway.

NO2 isn't needed -- just track nitrates, they're the ones
that hang around long enough to matter.  LaMOtte or Hach
are reliable and reasonably easy to ready.  The tablet
version of the LaMotte kit is easier to use than the the
one with the powdered chem.

A good ortho-phosphate test kit is nice to have. The
LaMotte is very easy to use and accurate at the levels we

IF LaMotte is jsut too pricey for you. Tey the SeaChem
kits. I find them harder to read but they're definitely
better than the average kits for nitrates and phosphate.

And a KH test kit if you're injecting CO2 so you can figure
out the CO2 levels using the KH/pH/CO2 table. The tetra or
Aquarium Pharmeceuticals kits for these are fine.

Potassium kits?  Too expensive for a good one if you can
find it. You can use dosing and water changes to control
potassium levels.

Don't forget pH if you don't have one or a pH monitor. I
liked the Aquarium pharmeceuticals kit before I gave up on
visually decoded colors and got a pH monitor.

one person's view -- stolen from many others,
Scott H.

--- Shane Kaiser <shanek at sbcglobal_net> wrote:
> Hello,
> Can I get some advice on some good aquarium test kits?
> I take it the following type are needed:
> 1)     NO2
> 2)     NO3
> 3)     NH4
> 4)     Potassium
> 5)     Iron
> 6)     Phosphate
> 7)     Calcium
> Are there any other I need? Some that I don't need? What
> brands are the best
> in terms of accuracy, etc?

S. Hieber

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