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Re: [APD] aquarium stand level

If you have a spot where one stand leg doesn't touch, and
the others do, with just a little upward pressure onthe
stand sometimes you can slide in cards until they won't
slide in any more.  The difference between legs will only
be the thickness of a playing card, give or take -- greatly

I'd be interested to hear how far out of level the
manufacturers will say a tank can safely be. Genrally they
prescribe "level" and that's it.

Scott H.
--- Candy Moonwolf <cry_little_sister at hotmail_com> wrote:
> Thank you all for your responses, I have looked at the
> water line on both 
> ends and there is a 1/16th inch low spot in the left back
> corner compared to 
> the left front corner.
> The water level on the right side appears to be the same
> across the end.
> Looking along the front (long side) of the tank the left
> side is just a hair 
> short of 1/4 inch lower than the right side. The tank is
> against a wall so I 
> can't see along the back long side.
> I honestly don't know if attempting to make it more level
> will do more 
> damage or good (the playing cards are a great idea I'll
> file that one away 
> for future reference)
> The tank is not on carpet and she did level it when she
> put it up using 
> corrugated cardboard but the weight has since crushed the
> cardboard. My  
> main fear is that if I talk her into taking it down and
> re-leveling it, that 
> we would create a high spot (or low spot) on the center
> set of legs. I don't 
> like the stand design much.
> Thank you for the very good explanation of how to find if
> there is a stress 
> on the tank.
> Thanks
> Candy
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