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[APD] PH Probe problem with dennerle ph controller

I bought this set from some guy who never used it (ie: all the items were
sealed and unopened.

I am unable to calibrate PH 7, the maximum PH the controller registers as PH
7 calibrating fluid is 5.99 (even after adjusting the PH 4 calibration

after calibrating PH 7 point to 5.99ph, distilled water registers as PH 6.8
(I'm using battery water here).

I initially thought it was a problem with the denerlle calibrating fluids so
I bought new ones. same results.

What could be wrong?

Can I calibrate the probe to ph 6 (ph7 point) and ph 3 (ph 4 point), I
assume this is to adjust the curve.

so I set my desired display ph to 5.5 ( actual ph desired is 6.5)

btw: anyone know how much a replacement probe will cost?

I also notice that the instructions state that you can "refresh" a probe by
immersion in a KCL solution (order no 1448 ),
can I make my own if I can obtain lab grade KCL powder? exactly what would
be the concentration be?

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