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Re: [APD] aquarium stand level

Thank you all for your responses, I have looked at the water line on both ends and there is a 1/16th inch low spot in the left back corner compared to the left front corner.
The water level on the right side appears to be the same across the end.
Looking along the front (long side) of the tank the left side is just a hair short of 1/4 inch lower than the right side. The tank is against a wall so I can't see along the back long side.
I honestly don't know if attempting to make it more level will do more damage or good (the playing cards are a great idea I'll file that one away for future reference)
The tank is not on carpet and she did level it when she put it up using corrugated cardboard but the weight has since crushed the cardboard. My main fear is that if I talk her into taking it down and re-leveling it, that we would create a high spot (or low spot) on the center set of legs. I don't like the stand design much.
Thank you for the very good explanation of how to find if there is a stress on the tank.
freezing in Northeast Texas where it's _supposed_ to be warm and were not supposed to need insulation *S*

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