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Re: [APD] aquarium stand level

If your tank stand is on carpeting, this creates an additional problem in leveling it. In my apartments, I have noticed that all the furniture leans away from the wall, as if the carpeting is thicker near the wall. I end up putting shims under the front edge of nearly all my furniture. I just cut up a corrugated cardboard box packing box when I move in and slide pieces of it under the front edge of the furniture until it is more or less level. This works well for most furniture, but those which will have a significantly higher weight when loaded, like tall bookcases and fish tanks, have the additional problems. When they're full, the additional weight compresses the carpeting and shims, at different rates, until they are once more unlevel. I can't over-level them when they're empty because I want them against the wall, and they can't lean into the wall. So, I level them as best I can empty, them fill them. Then I have a couple of strong friends help me lift the front edge while I get down on the floor and put my shoulder under it and slide a few more pieces of cardboard under it.

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