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[APD] Dosing info needed and hits against thread algae

After a long trip away I returned to find long threads of algae off the tops
of my plants.  I'v had other forms (always have a small amount of brush on
rocks etc) but this is a new one to me.
I have 2 SAEs and 6 otto cats but they don't seem to like it.

Anyway as it's not too much of a problem so thought I would try the dosing
and 50% waterchange per week method.  Always fertilized before but never to
exacting standards.
Was wondering what dosing amounts I should use and how often per week.

My tank is 87 gal (more like 83 with the gravel) 48x24x18 height
350W MH 5500K
DIY CO2 (two massive bottles) 6.8ph      K 6.0
Lots of plants, med fish load.

PS. does anyone know a good place to get plants in Canada. Big al's has a
lot of choice but it's always the same choice. I'd like to try some more
exotic plants but all the mail order stores I see are in the US.


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