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[APD] aquarium stand level

I have read through the archives about leveling a tank using shims etc. My question is how much out of level warrants pulling a 55 gal 48" long tank apart to re-level it. The tank is at a friends house and has been up about 2 months. When visiting her I noticed that the water level showed on one end. The difference is 1/4 inch or less (based on air space showing above the water level at one end) along the 48" length of the tank. She is living in an older house and had leveled it with shims however it is still out of level as above. She has it on a "Wal-Mart" wooden stand that touches the floor at both ends and in the center. Is this enough variance to take it down and redo it or am I just paranoid like she says?
Thanks Candy

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