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[APD] Re:Barr Method Question

Dale wrote:
.....Even with 50 % weekly water changes and assuming no plant up-take (bad assumption I know), the nutrient levels would continue to rise in the tank.........

The nutrient level does not build up indefinitely. Assuming you add nitrate to initially give a value of 10 ppm, do a 50% water change, then add the same amount of nitrate, and that the plants don't remove any, the level in the tank will level off at 20 ppm. If you do as above, but with 75% water changes, the content will level off at 13.333 ppm. With 25% water changes you level off at 40 ppm. The general formula appears to be that you level off at the initial concentration times 1/(% water change)

Paul Krombholz in rainy central Mississippi---lots of rain!
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