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[APD] RE: Power Compact Lighting in the UK (and a littleHemianthus!)

I found power compacts at Animal-House, but when I looked noticed they were
ASL as well, maybe it's the same supply as you found Andrew. I couldn't see
any specific power compact starters, just the T5 starters. Are they the

I considered going for T5 with my new setup (maybe I should have - my
Hemianthus would probably have survived!), but decided the price was too
high. Hopefully, as they become more popular the price will drop - they are
quite new still (over here anyway).

Thanks all of you for the help on my Hemianthus. I'm going to change my
AquaGlo tube (not my choice - came with the setup) for an Interpet Daylight
Plus and add decent reflectors. I was quite pleased with the Daylight Plus
on my 36" tank, really brought the red out on my Hygro. Polysperma. It's
still a T8, but it's got 4 phosphor coating and supposed to be higher
intensity. I'm going to try the Hemianthus again (floating for a bit I
think) and if still no luck, I'll get another ballast and add the AquaGlo


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> From: Andrew McLeod <thefish at theabyssalplain_freeserve.co.uk>
> Subject: [APD] Power Compact Lighting in the UK
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> On Tue, 25 Nov 2003 21:17:16 -0600, william ruyle 
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> wrote:
> > (cut) at least 2 watts per gallon of compact fluorescent 
> lighting such 
> > as AH Supply (or Brit equivalent:). The T8s, over a  year 
> old? Probably 
> > overtasked for these plants, a couple of my favorites. (cut)
> What exactly are power compacts? I do not know of any UK 
> equivalent to AH 
> supply, and although I have never looked through non-aquatic 
> sources, all 
> I seem to see is reasonable (?) T8s (£14 for a single 
> ballast, £20 for a 
> two tube ballast and <£10 for a 3'-4' 20W-30W tube), and some 
> horribly 
> overpriced T5s from Arcadia (over £45 for a ballast).
> Wait - I have just found "ASL lighting" seem to do 'T5 
> compacts' at £20 
> for a 20" 55W. Shame I can only see tubes and kits costing 
> over £75 for 
> fit-inside-a-hood 2x55W (not including tubes), so no separate 
> ballasts, 
> although the kits come complete with electronic ballasts, two 
> switches and 
> reflectors.
> If I had two dual ballasts (2x£20), and four 4' 30W Triton 
> tubes at £8 
> each, this would only cost £76, and give me 120W instead of 
> 110W (although 
> I would need to make/acquire my own reflectors to anything 
> like the light 
> output). Lighting is really expensive, isn't it? How do these prices 
> compare with the US?
> Since the ASL kits are looking better value, does anybody have any 
> experience of them?
> -- 
> Andrew McLeod
> thefish at theabyssalplain_freeserve.co.uk

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