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RE: [APD] Power Compact Lighting in the UK

Power compact *is" a weird term. I find it very vague.

The Generic NEMA designation for a 50 watt 'power compact' is something

FT50W: Fluorescent, Twin (Tube), 50 Watts
2G11: base type
RS: Rapid Strike (I think)
841: 8 means the CRI (Colour Rendering Index) is in the 80-89 range, 41
is shorthand for the colour temperature, 4100K in this case.
more here: http://www.lightsearch.com/resources/images/cfl/

Osram http://tinyurl.com/wp4d (Internet Explorer only)

Philips http://tinyurl.com/wp50

GE http://tinyurl.com/wp5m

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