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[APD] Re: Hemianthus micranthemoides & Limnophila Sessiflora

This older message may give some additional info.


I just need to add that it surely can grow in low tech tanks also, provided
enough substrate nutrients and reasonable light .It does not form
horizontal mats in those conditions, just vertical. I am now growing it
under 2 X T8  in a  40 G on a terrace closer to the surface.
Hemianthus growing speed reduces dramatically when nutrients are low. Also
leaf size decreases before real decline sets in giving a warning.
In my hight tech tank the glosso will wither away before the hemianthus
when nutrients fall . ( as I experienced coming back from a Holiday )

Specs of my tank with most succesful Hemianths M. growth.
light: between 220 and 260 W of T8
GH 12
KH 7
tap NO3: 7 ppm
tap PO4  unknown
fishload : medium/heavy ( 12 Rummies, 12 Congo tetra's, 5 SAE, 4 Flagfish,
10 Otto's, 15 Caridina, 3 T. Leeri, 2 Betta, 2 Krib, 10 red Phantom tetra's
additions: TMG , K2SO4, CO2, occasionally KNO3
soil: 2-3 mm gravel wih mulm, laterite, cables

suisoman Dirk

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