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[APD] PH - KH C02 relationship?


77g tank
PH 6.8
KH 80
GH 100
Nitrate slightly over 5 (Hagen test kit bout today)
compressed CO2 bubble rate about 45 per minute injected into filter intake.
PMDD dosed daily.
160 watts of T12 lighting.
Community tank with Bala Sharks, Loaches, Cardinals, SAE's,
no algae problems other than a few tufts of dark colored algae found on the
glass, heater or filter intake, output tubes (really hard to remove)

I am relatively new to the hobby but have had reasonable success with my
pants. Recently my plants have shown what appears to be some type of
nutrient deficiency, ie: tips of plants curling, some yellowing , and holes
in old growth. Another poster had a similar experience and thought it might
be a lack of K. Checking Chuck Gadd's site it appears that a lack of
potassium is or could be the likely culprit however with Nitrate levels over
5 could this be the case? On checking Chuck's site on the relationship of
PH, KH and CO2 levels it appears according to his chart that I am running
about 38 PPM of CO2 which seems to be too high. In order to get down to
15PPM to 25 PPM I would need a PH of 7.0 - 7.2. Does reducing my bubble rate
further from 45 likely down to about 25 seem reasonable?. Thx for any


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