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[APD] Re: BBA and CO2 (Was: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 3, Issue 41)

In my experience, when I first moved to high light tanks with DIY CO2 I ran
into a couple of pest algae, BBA being one of them. I got all my nutrients
right but I continued to grow thread algae and BBA and was starting to get
sick of having to fight it back just to watch it grow back again the week
after. Eventually I bit the bullet and got myself a CO2 tank, thread algae
never came back and the BBA stopped spreading but never actually died. I
used pruning and H2O2 on the wood to kill what was there and it never came
back. Actually I still have a few areas over the entrance of a cave that
have had the same BBA on it for for some time now, seeing it's not spreading
I decided to leave it there. So in my tank CO2 did fix my BBA problems,
however I can't exclude that other factors may also help this algae grow
which would explain your BBA problems even with a good CO2 level.

In my low light tanks I often get a little BBA on the canister pre-filter
sponge during first few weeks following intial setup but then stops growing
and a good boiling of the sponge seems to take care of it quite well. Not
sure why it grows on the filter sponge and nowhere else but it seems quite
consistant in my newly setup tanks. Only substrate fertilization is used in
these tanks, no CO2.

Giancarlo Podio

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I am not so sure the CO2-BBA correlation is entirely true.

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