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[APD] Re: An observation (Roger Miller)

>I am (er, was) one of those people that George referred to when he said
>"Indeed, some authors go so far as to say that biofiltration is a bad thing
>and outcompetes the plants for critical ammonium."  I believed so firmly
>biofiltration was unnecessary that I removed it from all six of my planted
>aquariums, setting them up with only powerheads for circulation.  The first
>time I did it I careful measured ammonia levels on a daily basis and
>reduced the test frequency over a period of a couple weeks.  I never once
>ammonia appear in that tank.

I've have run filterless for over a year.  Only a power head for circulation
and plants for filtration.  Granted, I still have some biofiltration in the
gravel bed, but as far as a canister filter, I found I didn't need it.  I
do, however, use a diatom filter every once in a while for a few hours to
polish it up, and gravel vac to catch any large build up.

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